Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In Which I Have Time To Waste Talking About TV Again

Ok, it's about time I offer up something on Last Comic Standing. But, damn! At this pace I'm going to be at church camp before they get into the house- and then I'll be catching LCS and PR reruns on weekends, and heck knows I won't have the energy to recap them both. Considering my schedule the next few weeks (road trip, college orientation, camp training) this could very well be my first and last LCS update. How sad. Well, maybe not that sad, but mildly unpleasant.

At this point, we know the first five in the house. Let's start with my favorite, who I was going to label my underdog last week, but after tonight, he's obviously the front-runner:
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Josh Blue. He got a standing ovation tonight and was dramatically presented with the last spot in the house. Not because he has cerebral palsy. Because he's fucking funny.

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I can see Chris Porter going pretty far- he's genuinely funny, in a universal sort of way. His material is delivered in a semi-rant format that will make you laugh even if you don't agree with him. Though it's hard to disagree with him, because he pulls off being just barely political. It's a good strategy.

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Joey Gay intrigued me, and I couldn't figure out why. Maybe it was his risky, loud, abrasive delivery. Maybe it was his interview comments, which I found way funnier than his actual material. Or maybe, just maybe, it was his scary fucking mouth:
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Roz was going to make it in the house. Duh. Besides the fact that she's really funny, she talked about her history with drug addiction and her gratitude towards God in the very first episode. Strong black women with a heart of gold = the stuff of which reality TV is made. Any coincidence that she's the first thing that comes up on the video player on the official website? I like you, Roz, but the producers are going to milk you. Speaking of the producers...

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I couldn't get a picture of her on the website, so I plucked this from her myspace. She was pretty funny; in that predictable, safe way that NBC seems to love. And in a move to increase their shaky credibility, they've cast a former contestant's girlfriend. Brilliant.

I was sad to see a few of the contestants go- namely Wild Willy, Niki Glazer, the guy who talked about a naked pope, the guy who did a lot of material on racism ("Don't give me that crap- that stuff's for Jews! Pay me in fireworks."), and the guy who reminded me of Mitch Hedburg with a business haircut. You know what I'm saying, Hollywood. If that's even your real name.
Of course, the first two would probably wear quickly depending on the crowd, and the fact that I can't recall the latter three's names is a sign of their fate on the show.

Next week, I have high hopes for Nikki Payne, Kristen Key and Malik. Of course, the only one I'm sure as Roz is moving forward to the house is that guy with the big head. He's not my favorite, but the judges are eating him up.

Who else thinks that there will be at least one challenge sponsored by Capital One?


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