Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another reason for Laura K to put disclaimer next to my link.

First of all, yes, I did watch the SAG Awards soley to catch a glimpse of Brenda Strong wearing Nick Verreos. I thought it was quite beautiful- a more sophisticated, sensual version of the Nicky Hilton dress. Congratulations to Nick for getting something on the red carpet while there's still more show to air. Santino may be in Nicky Hilton's rolodex, but he hasn't had any of his dresses draped on a statue holder as of yet.

Now, on to the dirtier bits.
If you the random fanfic in Santino's comments made you blush, you might be the type to regularly avert your eyes from Dan Savage's sex advice column. I, on the other hand, have not only read, but penned more than one sexy scenario between gay reality stars (I need to point out that I haven't attempted this in over two years). Therefore, it should be no surprise that I have a note in my inbox every week telling me when the new Savage Love column is avalible. Guess who gets multiple mentions this week?
"...the next time you want an advice columnist's full attention— when you want him to, say, stop beating off about a three-way with Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg and Daniel V. from Project Runway and focus instead like a laser beam on your problems— you might not want to open your letter with an insult..."
Come on, who did you expect?

Once again, on the future of this blog- I changed the description to be a bit more vague, as we're hopely moving into that "occasionally more interesting part" I mentioned... at least until next season. I have some ideas for books, films and people to write about (all in this odd, aesthetically-pleasing/culturally-subversive theme I seem to be working on), and a few ideas for "articles" popped into my head. You know, theories or ideas I have that I can only back up with marginally credible, mostly personal-expirience-type evidence. The stuff blogs are made of. A review of But I'm A Cheerleader is under way (with dozens of photos courtesy the official fanlisting). I hope some of you (i.e. all five of you) will stick around to see if I can "freelance" and still be interesting.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Update: I can't count, and there is life after Project Runway.

So, apparently I kept referring to the final five in this week's update. I was struck just today with what a stupid mistake that was. I guess I inadvertantly made that conclusion because of the immunity thrown in. It would make a lot of sense for everyone to be so excited about immunity into the final three- oh well. Stupid mistake on my part.

So, I've been asking myself, what am I going to do with this blog with P:R runs out? Change the layout and links, first of all. I don't think I can totally cross over from a blog entirely about a fashion reality show to the counter-culture, gender-studies type stuff that interests me in my waking hours.

Then, last night, I finally bought the film that first spoke to me as a young gender-unsure teen- forget Brokeback Mountain and Boys Don't Cry. I've yet to see the latter, and those are deep looks at the tragedy of growing up queer. Who the heck wants to be severely depressed for two hours? I'd recommend those to straight people who need a clue. I bought the film that blatantly mocked homophobia, starred a big old bunch of loveable stereotypes, cast RuPaul as a straight-laced ex-gay counselor and still captures a tender love story. It warmed my heart to watch it again. I'm talking about the super campy But I'm A Cheerleader.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I think I'll watch it again and sort out some kind of review, but it'll be hard to sum up my love for it without pointing out every ridiculous detail.

So I guess that's the direction I'm going, if that's understandable. Discussing the weird bits of culture that I love, probably in the vein of Project Runway or But I'm A Cheerleader. More soon, I hope.


Saturday, January 28, 2006


Oh man, I knew it. Santino opened up his comments, and it resulted in Project Runway erotic fanfiction. Scroll down. I just skimmed, but the best excerpt thus far? Definitely "Andrae, not wearing pants."


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Title of Blog Finally Pays Off!

First off, sorry this is a bit late. Blogger seemed to poop out yesterday.

I found out what the challenge was over at JustJared early on Wednesday. Sorely dissapointed. Seriously- the challenge about inspiration is taking pictures and making something based on one? This sounds like a high school creative writing assignment.
Michael Kors finally got the chance to show he's a designer instead of just a guy in a silly chair. This sparking my interest, I looked up some of Michael Kor's designs today. Some are nice, but largely, it was pretty silly. Shit like this:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Would have him burned at the stake if he were on Project Runway.

The moment we all waited for. In the brilliant voice of Daniel Vosovic: "It's a mother-fucking walkoff!" It seems I'm developing the epedemic-like DanFanism.
Not as dramatic as it was made out to be, just, pretty sad. Zulema causes many tears, taking Nick's muse and shunning Rachael. While she may not be the best walker of the bunch, I think she's looked great in Zulema's designs. I was surprised that they switched, and that was the end of it- I expected all the designers would then be able to switch round in a chain, or Nick would at least be able to choose between Rachael and Shannon. Unfortunate.
As melancholy as Nick was for just about the whole episode, I couldn't help laughing every time I saw those big sunglasses he has. He looked like the gay Beetleborg.
Image hosting by Photobucket
I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. If there is a complimentary way to say that.
While Nick was sad, the girls were pissed.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
And in a shocking new development, they were allowed to talk! Why is it we never hear from them? I think it was cute that Rachael admitted Nick was her favorite- very good luck to that team. Despite Tim Gunn's, uh, tough love on her "elongated marshmallow" shape and "gumby legs", she worked it this week. Tim, I love you, but average-sized white girls need to be clothed, too.

Tim Gunn also pulled out the big guns (puntastic, eh?), and before anyone even started designing, told the kids that they've basically been pretty sucky. It might seem harsh, but hey, look at the detail and diversity in last year's Banana Republic challenge, and then look at this year's array. He gave each and every designer a good punch in the face. All of it was dead-on, except, I think, for Nick and Andrae's mutual comment: be more ambitious.
Um, what? Have you ever looked at one of Andrae's designs? Nick's ambitious too, but really, Andrae, not ambitious? What the heck else can you call his red mushroom cloud skirt? His tornado-doomy-doom-zorro skating outfit? Or maybe I'm mistaking "ambitious" with "outrageous".

(edit: Right after publishing, I noticed I didn't mention Chloe or her design at all in this update. Her design was actually the nicest she's come up with all season, behind her winning Clothes Off Your Back dress. I think my accidental omission of commentary on her proves Tim's point that she's made great garments, but has been somewhat unremarkable for a while. Or, eh, maybe now that most of the girls are out, she's just been getting less screen time because she's been having less noteworthy interaction.)

Santino made a promise not to go nuts this time, and at first I outright did not believe him. I thought he made a good pick on inspiration, but I definitely felt it had the possibility to move in an absurd direction. Luckily(?), he does not go nuts and use spraypaint as a medium or anything. Instead, he just make a really boring dress, and besides using Austin Scarlett's grammy dress material (which the fans were quicker to pick out than the judges, I think) and impersonating Tim (please see bonus footage for Santino doing Tim doing Nine Inch Nails) was pretty boring this week. I miss the old Santino. The crazy one, who made us laugh and ate people.

So, I made a mistake labeling Santino as Jesus. I think the Jesus of this season (season 1's Jesus being Jay McCarroll, for hopefully obvious reasons) is Daniel Vosovic. His mysterious vibe, his legions of worshipers, his caring nature... this episode, he was revealed to have magical healing powers. With one chat, he convinces Nick Verreos, a sure fashion prophet, to stay faithful through his suffering. You see, that's why Kara was in this week, he blessed her with a stress-relieving kiss during the Banananana episode.

No, actually Kara made it through this elimination because she had an actual concept, and a garment that didn't look like it was sewn by, uh, me. For all the talk about her sewing skills, Zulema just didn't (Timism ahead) make it work.
This is what Project Runway is about- the unpredictablity in each isolated, individual performance. Winning one challenge and losing the next. Farewell, Zulema.
Image hosting by Photobucket
I was worried about Kara, Zulema and Andrae right away- they were probably considered the weaker half of the group this challenge, and their concepts didn't give me any particular confidence. Kara was inspired by signs (not quite chic), Zulema picked out an African dress (only slightly reminiscent of John Wade's disaster), and Andrae drew inspiration from a dirty puddle. Oh, Andrae. You poor, misunderstood soul. He's not really outrageous anymore. Last week he had his dark princess skating outfit, and now with the dirty gutter puddle, Andrae is just, well, weird. Love him? You know it. I'm so glad Jay was on the council for this, he understood the weird kid. He was very close to the win- hopefully this makes no storm clouds between the dynamic duo.
I liked Daniel V's design, but his inspiration was way high-school-art-student.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Flowers. Right. Best photo ever.

Amazing, that we're down to five so quickly. Next week, we'll know one of the final three. It could go any way, and my boy Andrae is so very close.
You know what I realized? Andrae is a perfect drama meter. He displays how shocked we should be. When there's a good surprise, you can hear him above everyone else shouting "YES! OH MY GOSH!" or, "NO WAY!". When there's a bad surprise, he's the one you hear wailing "Oooh noo!". When there's false drama, he lets you know it's stupid with "where the HELL is my chiffon?", and when there's real, genuine, personality-driven drama, you just need to look in his eyes to know how appalled you should be. Jay Mccarroll calling out Santino on using Austin Scarlett's material? Eyes quite wide, mouth open but jaw not dropped. We should be genuinely surprised and mildly shocked.
Zulema calls a walk-off?
Image hosting by Photobucket
Appocalypse face.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

case closed.

I'm one of the less cultured people who heard the designers were doing something for Sasha Cohen this challenge and said, "Who?"
Thus, I looked at her website this morning, mostly wondering if there were any pictures of her in Zulema's dress. Didn't find that, but was (only slightly) bothered by this:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Do you see what I see?
Image hosting by Photobucket
Tassles. I didn't understand why they kept pointing out Kara's use of tassles as a major design flaw. Oh well.

Also, Livejournal never fails to find the most obscure shit possible.
Even Andrae has noticed that fans, male and female alike, have been dying to find a glimpse of Daniel Vosovic on the internet. Which is kind of weird, but then, the designers this season seem to be just about the most acessable reality stars I've ever heard of. You can leave messages for Santino, Diana and Nick on their blogs, and friend Andrae and Daniel Franco (who, by the way, is looking for interns) on myspace. However, as BPR has past pointed out, you can't find a damn word from Daniel V. I have to assume he's not as tech-friendly as the other designers. There was a picture or two of him on Diana's blog at Heidi Klum's halloween party, but that's all I found until today. This afternoon, someone on the livejournal Project Runway community posted this picture of him at a Marc Jacobs shindig in December:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Apparently it had a western theme. You'd think designers would be above theme parties, eh? Oh well, it's kind of cute. The caption says that's John Wade on his left, and if it is, he seems to have slimmed a bit. Daniel V is also in the background in this picture:
Image hosting by Photobucket
So, the mystety is solved. We know where Daniel Vosovic is. Partying.


Friday, January 20, 2006

"Iced Out"

I knew fans and bloggers were going nuttier for Project Runway this season, but articles about it seem to be popping up everywhere. A piece in the Village Voice today expresses regrets about this week's challenge. Namely, not tacky enough, I think? Though, they were looking for tacky in the traditional-figure-skating-puffy-sleeves way, not the "baboon's ass exploding all over her backside" way.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006


First of all, can I just tell you, Heidi Klum and her wardrobe make me actually want to be pregnant?

The first of what I suspect will be a few guest apperances by former contestants, delivery boy Robert appears!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(edit: wrote that suspicion at the begining of the program, glad to see I was right- I predict the designers will be initially excited, only to find Jay bitchier than the rest of the judges)
How cute- I was wondering what that cryptic picture on BPR was about. Everyone made friendly, if a little awkward (I've just always found Rob a little awkward), introductions. Except, of course, the always deadpan Emmett flat out did not know who he was. I thought it was just a little bit sad, that Rob was showing up in a postal service uniform. You know, that being the challenge he lost. It was like he was showing them their impending doom.

The designers meet Sasha Cohen in a nearby skating rink. Nick is ecstatic. He is more than ecstatic- Nick goes from poised professor to nerdy fanboy on us.
And. It's. Adorable.
I think the whole skating rink ordeal was cute. Cute cute cute. I was flat-out squealing about it. They were playing tag! With Sasha Cohen, in silly outfits. It was pure and good and entertainig. I loved it. No drama necesarry: Tim Gunn on ice skates is good television.

But, Tim Gunn gets dirty again. Or, well, for the first time we've seen.
"Try to think of a way to respond to Michael and Nina, that's not so much, 'fuck you'." Beautiful. It's official: I love Tim Gunn.

I knew Emmett was out in the first twenty minutes. You have to worry for the one they pay a lot of attention. Had he really illustrated "Starry Night" (you know, the one like this) on his dress, which seemed to be his claim, I would be singing his praises right now. Unfortunately, it just came out as a glittery spiderweb of some kind, or perhaps he was channeling Diana.
Goodbye, Emmett.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
He was accepted his defeat sweetly, and received a sincere goodbye. Nick cried! How adorable.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That was this week's theme: fricking adorable.

Quick design opinion breakdown: I have to say, my boy Andrae had me worried. The concept was kind of neat, in that "I think it's neat but the judges will hate it" kind of way, but he was original enough to pass through unquestioned. For once, I actually really liked what Nick and Chloe made. Kara also had me worried early on, but I think her final design looked better than the judges credited her for, tassle mistake aside. I was worried Daniel V wasthe one they were going to call out as vulgar, his piece was much shorter than Emmett's. Santino, oh, Santino- what a neat concept, if only you had executed it without a million billion feathers. Really, feathers? FEATHERS? You can hardly pull off feathers on the red carpet, you want an olympic skater to try to move gracefully and look good in them?
Zulema finally took the win, surprising herself. Her reaction made me laugh. Seriously? Really? What? I really won. Wow. Oh. Ok. Which means we finally get to see her do the walk-off next week. I think she deserved it, really. The win, I mean, not the walk-off, that'll just be silly. I'm starting to suspect Zulema may be the wildcard to force herself up into the final three.


Santino may be bisexual, but Nick is bicoastal.

Queerty Query delivers another high quality interview, this time with Nick Verreos. Nick seems to be the most common pick to win. Of course, I always want the underdog to win, but if you ask me who I actually think will win, I'd say Nick, too. He's professional, poised, expirienced and talented. I think he's one of the few who can work every angle Project Runway requires.
That said, it would be so damn obvious if he won! It's the Kara Saun situation. It was so exciting that Jay beat her out, because it was an actual surprise, but looking at his collection you felt he deserved it. Sorry, Nick fans, I route for the underdogs. I think that's my fascination with spelling bees. I want the weird kids to get a chance to shine brightest.
Oh, Nick mentions a few blogs that feature Project Runway- Blogging Project Runway, Four Four (links at right, as those are the only two I read regularly) and TV sans pity. I think that's very exciting for the respective bloggers, but I'm actually pretty glad I'm not that popular (yet? I did get a link at BPR recently... naw, I'm too preoccupied for blog fame). I would be stressed out if I knew the person I was writing about was reading every word. Laura at BPR is super sweet and the dedicated fan (I took a stroll at RISD, she took a stroll at Mood Fabrics), and Rich at FourFour is hilarious, so they don't need to worry as I would.

I had some repeats on in the background as I went about my business today, and just thought I'd make a short list of amusing, formerly unnoticed tidbits.
- Zulema's exact A-2 quote from the lingerie episode: "A, they can't patternmake, 2, they're not the best sewers."
- Kara recalls Guadalupe doing the "caterpillar" during the walk-off
- Emmett actually displays emotion, after Santino makes his crude "never had sex" comment about Diana's team. "Well, neither have you!" He sounded sincere, and actually insulted on their behalf. Points to Emmett.
- Remember cotton how I tresemee talked about banana republic product placement? I realized today that the designers have, essentially, a cooler full of Dasani in their apartments. Which is nice and convinient, but, it's about two feet from the sink, you know? They really ought to put it in the runway room, where people are really sweating. The bottles would get way more airtime, too. Dasani.


Monday, January 16, 2006

Donate chiffon to The Church of Vampire Jesus Santino today!

Though I can't find it anywhere on the internet, the new preview for this week's episode features Santino looming over Andrae and belting out something very close to "I WANT YOUR SOUL". I think I continue to find Santino tolerable because of these inspired moments he seems to have with Andrae. I think he knew how he would eventually be portrayed. Maybe he was counting on it.
I think this whole soul-wanting statement backs up a comment I made to friend and fellow fan D. Wils last night, creator of the blog I've been invited to contribute to. Congratulations, You're An Asshole updates every Monday with a new person we personally think needs to be outted for blatant asshole tendencies. We were discussing potentials, and I'll not spoil the surprises, but Santino did come up. We decided he wasn't important enough for Asshole of the Week, but arrogant enough for perhaps Asshole of the Weekend at some point. Anyway, we threw out several terms that we felt applied to him, mostly in regards to his physical apperance. Understand, I'd never put someone down for not being born what society would deem unattractive. Santino's problem isn't that he's unattractive. The problem is he looks like Jesus. There was just a specific image I had in mind:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Crude halo inserted by me. Anyway, after instantly agreeing that he looked like the Christian Lord and Savior, I think we also brought up the terms "creepy Jesus", "skeevy Jesus", "Jesus slash child molester", and, what I considered my most solid conclusion, "Vampire Jesus".
So, this whole soul-wanting business fits that theory perfectly. Bisexual Vampire Jesus wants your soul. He wants to save you soul, with high fashion. Then he will devour it to keep him eternally young. Accept old world techniques into your heart and join the Church of Vampire Jesus Santino Rice today.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Banana Republic: Obey.

Well, I didn't break down or anything. I kind of saw it coming. I went down to the lovely RISD campus (where Diana got her schoolin') earlier this week, and of course I thought about her and settled on the fact that she would be out, if not now, very soon. I realized that she probably isn't meant to share the stage with some of the other designers. Not to say that she's worse or better, just to say that she's different. Among graduates of Parson's and F.I.D.M., she was a quirky nerd from Rhode Island School of Design. She's not for big runways, pushy publicity and mass production, she's at her best at an MIT fashion show. And actually, she will be at an MIT fashion show- I'd go, I'm not far away, but it's midweek and I'll sadly be working. She was also on the Today Show this morning (which I missed- thought it was tomorrow. Ah, well. I'll assume she was nerdy, adorable and more articulate than presented on the show.) She's also online showing us how to put robots into handbags and whatever. You know, that stuff she couldn't really utilize on Project Runway.
And so, farewell to you, the lovely Miss Diana Eng.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh, and Marla too. Tough break, eh? Bye.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So, this week's challenge was product placement for Banana Republic. Oops, I mean, shop for the winning design at Banana Republic. No, what I meant to say was: Banana Republic, obey.

Andrae and Daniel are soooo cute, and I knew they were going to pull it off. I hope they start holding hands regularly, or at least have best friend montages in which they get into a pillowfight or drink a milkshake with two bendy straws or something. Andrae looked positively orgasmic when he found out he got to set up a window display. I adore that flamboyant little man. Now that Diana's out, he's my boy to win. I'm so pleased he finally won a challenge, and an important one at that.

At first I felt confident that Chloe and Emmett, both being people of business, would fly through this challenge, but frankly, I'm weirded out by their final design. Shiny reversable jacket? Who are you, Guadalupe? And yet the judges raved- I was confuddled.
Also, I finally realized just how short Chloe is. Of course, Emmett is also freaskishly tall, but standing between Grace and Emmett makes Chloe look like a little girl. Like, a toddler. For all my suspicion about Bravo's weird, possibly over-sexed scrapbook choices, they finally delivered a useful picture:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The bare feet, bent posture and baby-blue dress don't really help, but damn! She's got to be about eye-level with Emmett's belly button. She might be up to his nipples with heels, but, I'd take that as a reason to not wear heels.

Also weird: Santino. I never thought I'd say this about anything, but I'm sick of his creativity and vision. It's fine when it's for himself and his clothes, when he starts saying that he knows his vision is going to be the future of this company or of fashion itself or, you know, cars and lifestyles and the whole fucking world, I begin to think he needs to do more than tone it down, he needs to go into therapy. Of course they can't be OUT, fuck no, they're the golden boys! What a turd.
Santino does a much better impression of Tim Gunn than he does of Diana. Was he aware that she had a cold (according to her blog)? And I'm wondering if anyone else caught the multiple notes on his sketches reading, no lie, "Don't hate on this!"
My boyfriend's commentary: "It got better when I saw the Russian hat. I was like, 'How could they keep Santinaaaaaahahaha look at that hat!'"

I think that's all right now- the lap top is going to die in about four minutes, anyway. Hey, I'm collaborating over at another blog, you can check my profile for the link, and I'll probably mention again once I get the time to actally write something over there.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

*I don't know shit about fashion

Ha- the one time I don't do an entry, I get a mess of comments.
I scraped the entry I was working on. It felt too whiney, though as I am currently hacking up phlegm, I feel entitled to whine about something. I'm going to try not to piss and moan about Santino (I admit- his dress was good, though I don't understand the appeal of braiding- then again, IDKSAF*), Diana (after considering that science geeks probably wouldn't place high in the "appealing to a Hilton" challenge), or even, sigh, Marla.
I'm starting to lose faith, though. I'm starting to suspect that the judgements aren't as clean as last season- when someone performed in a challenge, they placed high. When someone failed, they were outed, despite their potential, their former designs and definitely despite their personality off the runway. It was pure skill and versatility, challenge to challenge. I'm so afraid Project Runway is trying to best last season by keeping characters instead of talent. This really bothered me: in the "social challenge" last season, Alexandra was outed for copying another designer. Even Tim Gunn agrees with me.
As the internet had already managed to spoil and the talent over at Blogging Project Runway had already guessed, the surprise socialite was the smaller, more articulate Hilton.
Her piece this challenge leaning into "too art", and even into the space of "huh, weird", we say goodbye to Guadalupe.

Farewell, little friend. She's made some decent stuff, if you rip away the ocassional armband. I always wondered if there was some personal meaning to those, or if she genuinely thought the dresses looked better with them.
Once again treading on the same spots as Austin Scarlett, Santino flaunts his way into Nicky's heart for the win on the social challenge. Like I said, decent dress. I personally wouldn't wear it (also, wouldn't wear Nick's oddly shaped creation or Chloe's low-cut garment), but then, I'm not a Hilton. Anyway, this was Santino's challenge. Being the center of attention.
What, in my completely unprofessional opinion, was the best dress? Andrae's elegant, unwrinkable little number. And what should've fallen in the bottom three? Zulema's unique black-and-white piece. While not horrendous, and definitely not worthy of getting her out, it definitely has more "worst dressed list" capability than Diana's piece.
By the way, Dirty Diana? Still adorable.

Next week is another team challenge, and the picking of teams can be seen on a Myspace preview. It is absolutely reminiscint of high school group projects. The big nerd (Diana in this case, me in high school) stands still, waiting for someone to pick them, and ends up with some kid who's barely passing (Marla in this case, a kid in my art class named Gonzo in high school- who, to my releif, he didn't show up on the day on the project). Someone looms next to someone, hoping they're assumed partners, but someone cuts in and formally asks (Chloe and Emmett). The smart, popular kids (Nick and Santino) get together, even if they don't particularly like each other, they just know they'll kick ass. Friends get with friends (Daniel and Andrae), and eventually you just go with whoever's left that shares gender with you (Kara and Zulema).
My hope for Diana: she and Marla do not use Cara as their model. I think she is made of styrofoam or something. Creepy comparison: lack of expression in the first challenge, lack of expression in the fourth challenge, lack of expression in the fifth challenge.

Oh, and the talented Mr. Oolong has put all of his caricatures in one place, adding Daniel Franco, Zulema, Gudalupe, Emmett and Marla. Emmett, avec tiny top hat and huge monocle is probably my favorite thus far.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

living on coughdrops and caffeine

After last night's episode, my lover called, and the first thing he said was "Santino shouldn't have won." Oh, wistful sigh. Of course, I then took this as an invitation to rant about how I didn't particularly like any of the top three dresses, Diana shouldn't have been in the bottom three, and Marla should've been out over Guadalupe, and now she's going to drag Diana down next week. All of this to which he meekly replied that he'd only watched the last few minutes. Ah, well.
By the time I'd finished talking to him, I just enough wakefulness to open a blogger window and write three sentences. I was more sick and tired than I thought I was, to the point where I really couldn't recall the process for putting up a picture. As I had to work this morning, I trudged to bed, coughed myself to sleep, apparently had a half-asleep conversation with my mother at some point and woke up at 2 am with my whippet crawling on me and a sliver of a cough drop in my mouth. I slept an hour late this morning, took a shower and another drop, and Febreezed my work uniform. Hopefully I didn't spread my illness to any of the old women who came in for a pizza at 10:45 am- a full fifteen minutes before we actually open.
I've been working on an update in pieces. Right now, however, I need some ice cream, some tylenol and some sleep.
Nighty night.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

in their own words...

Well, Santino did get points in my book for sharing my love of both pussy and dick. Unfortunately, he lost a point for every superfluous exclamation point he used.

Also, after being borderline ashamed about my quick speculation on Kara's gender vibes, Nick Verreos calls her "an honorary gay man" and I can lift my chin again.

There's plenty of articles out there, but I've got watching to do- check out blogging project runway for much more intense updates.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I knew him when.

So this internet friend of mine, who the P:R fandom now know as Oolong, put up these nice caricatures of Santino, Andrae and Diana on the ol' livejournal community:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
People dumped praise in the comments, including Just Jared, who also featured them in his blog between pictures of this week's episode.
Checking my friends list this morning, I was pleased discover that Santino himself made note of Oolong's portraits.
I thought I would continue his exposure, as well as spread the link to his website: http://speedycact.us, where you can find more of his art, his unique webcomic, a message board, online store and the best page-not-found page ever.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

instead of champagne, I brought chocolate milk.

Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen alike.
I had a nice clean night at a friend's house. You know, with the nice-kid works: a snowball fight, a hearty game of Apples to Apples, boys and girls sleeping on seperate floors and a few delicious glasses of sparkling cider. Of course there was enough alcohol to kill us around the house, but we just kind of got caught up in Project Runway and I Love the 80s. Gosh, they're so easy to waste wakefulness on.
So, I heard myself telling people that I have a blog about a slightly obscure reality show, and concluded I shouldn't say it so loudly. A few people were fans, and a few were somewhat interested, and two saw some of Diana Eng's work in a RISD show, and said it was fantastic. There was a sleeve that turned into a collar, and, the dress was so calculated that it responded to how she walked? I don't know, I wasn't there. Diana Eng is swell, that's all I have to say. I don't think I'd be as interested in the show if she wasn't on it.

Oh, and I figured something out. Santino's model was really bothering me during the Barbie challenge. It was not that she looked bad, it was her wig, her dress; it all looked oddly familiar:

She fits right in.

Well, I hope you had a good night, and I hope your headache is gone by now. Be back Wednesday.