Monday, December 12, 2005


So, remember I was wondering why Santino was chilling with Alan Cumming?
Well, cruising around Diana's blog (which is much neater looking than mine or Santino's), I found out all the designers were invited to Klummy's halloween party, apparently a huge event. Alan must've been on the invite list. That makes sense- and I could never blame Santino for spending at least part of the night close to Alan Cumming. I would be right beside him.
I pulled this picture of the event off of Diana's blog, picturing Diana, Chloe, Daniel and Daniel in costume.
Image hosted by
Diana is adorable. She designed a lightning bug suit that, of course, actually lights up. Um, I'm not sure what everyone else is, but I am sure "adorable" is not the correct adjective for them. I do know the adjective to apply to Klummy herself's costume, though:
Image hosted by
Unpleasant. However, she somehow retains "fabulous".

Oh, and check out Diana's October 27th entry if you want yet another reason Diana is adorable: Good design monkey.

Seriously now, no more entries until Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

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