Sunday, December 18, 2005

Super Sexy Lingerie Team Challenge Adventure!

Well, that probably won't be the name of this week's challenge. But it could be, as they made no attempt to make the challenge any big surprise. They're making lingerie, and they'll be doing it in teams, which will conjure up enough drama on its own. Especially considering what I caught sight of in the previews. That is, the ones on TV, not the internet- which basically tells us Santino is still an asshole ("I lost the fucking Barbie challenge because of you!" is on the level with "You're a twit, cause you are!"- my love to those who know the reference) and Diana is still incredibly nerdy and adorable ("It's like we're living in a book!").
There are twelve designers left, so they're either going to go on into three groups of four or four groups of three. I'm thinking it's four groups of three, as I saw a flash of Santino's group (unless someone was off screen). It's a dream team: Santino, Emmett and Nick. They would make beautiful music together, if only they weren't three big personalities. We know that Santino is going to have meltdowns about Emmett. I bet Nick just tries not to get squished the whole episode. And makes colorful comments about it!
It also appears Kara is on with Daniel and, someone else, and Daniel appears to be team leader. I really, really don't like the idea of Daniel making lingerie. His work always uses the same colors and has the same feel. I was really surprised his predictability wasn't called into question on the Barbie challenge. You know, it's a nice-looking style, but not for a bouncy blonde princess or sexy seductress. Though, thinking about it, I am interested to see what will surely be Franco's sophisticated and brown undergarment. Even if it gets him out.
I have a few hopes and prayers, for the sake of keeping my favorite around: Diana and Lupe not on the same team, and Diana not a team leader. I can imagine her taking the helm and staying calm about it, but not if she's got some dominating personality working under her, like Zulema or Andrae. She has her own way of doing things that wouldn't be easily adopted by the other designers. As for her and Lupe on the same team- Oh goodness. Can you just imagine the atrocity they could make if their powers combined? Some brightly-colored over-complicated bra and panties with fucking wings or something that change color when you get aroused. I exaggerate, but they do have a habit of making complicated designs, and methinks simplicity and elegance goes better with lingerie. Other than that, I think Diana will do well on this challenge, she's largely drama-free.
You know what? With the simplicity logic, it's entirely possible that Santino will be out and Daniel Franco will win. Except, you know, the judges will probably pull out some issue I never even thought of and decide entirely on that. You know why? Because I don't know shit about fashion.


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