Friday, December 09, 2005

Unoriginal! Uninspired!

Ha ha! A blog!
Well, I couldn't just put this shit in my personal journal, could I? I don't want to expose my real friends to my secret pop-culture fascinations.
This is for ranting. You know, about things I like and things I do not like, my own personal shitlist. Isn't that what blogs are all about?
I was actually inspired by a link from Bitch's shitlist, FourFour, a blog that mainly updates with caps from and comments on America's Next Top Model. The author mentioned possibly doing updates for Project Runway, but the first two episodes (well, at least the first mutant bi-episode) have passed and she's not written a word about it. I feel the need to do so myself, even if I have less caps and am not as witty. She cites not knowing anything about fasion, and hell, I guess I don't either (you could call my style "church thrift store savvy"), but why let that stop me from liking the concept, appreciating the designs and cheering for/bitching about the contestants?
I will do posts on other things that spark my interest, but expect mostly blathering about the stupid show. First update actually about the stupid show will come later today.

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