Wednesday, December 14, 2005

All Dolled Up

Aww. Goodbye, Raymundo, my little friend.
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See, when he's happy, it's like Christmas morning, but when he's sad, I feel like the kid's puppy just died.
He was as cute as a button, but not much for stunning designs.
Well. At least he has his balls of steel.

Nick has definitely bested Andrae this week for my favorite male participant. Though, I'd back Andrae on his decision to not put the silly wig on Danyelle- if they want to see how it looks on the doll, look at the damn doll. I still so hope Andrae and Danyelle stick around for a while, purely for our entertainment.
Oh, but Nick, I nearly died when he was impersonating- what exactly was he impersonating? Marla's outfit's neckline? And what word to he use? It was along the lines of "wiggy-woo".
"She'll take off the jacket and bam- Look at my wiggy-woo! Wiggy-woo!"
(edit: the correct term was actually "wiggidy-wack". As in, "Look at my wiggidy-wack!")
Bravo, Mr. Verreos. You are a true thespian. Plus, your design was kicking. I remember seeing it in the previews and going, "Oh God! How obnoxious!", but as it's for My Scene! Barbie, it's perfect.

As for comparing Klummy to a round object... her second, ornate blue outfit immediately struck me as reminiscint of:
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Diana's concept was neat, but not very well executed in my opinion. However, I knew she was safe, because they didn't bother showing much footage of her. Though, you can watch Tim calmly survey the madness that is her workspace on the official site. I like that he says it's driving him crazy- with the exact same composure he has at any other moment. His hands are on his hips- that's about as crazy as Tim Gunn gets, I suppose.

Santino, oh, Santino. We'll hear about Santino years from now, you know. Not because he'll be the next Calvin Klein, but because he's going to get himself shot one day. Credit to him, though- he proves he can poke fun at his own giant, monsterous, crazy-ass-out-of-control ego. He also cuddles with Andrae.
Oh gosh- I was just thinking about how much more cute and affectionate the designers this season seem to be, but a horrid thought just struck me- P:R erotic fanfiction. I can tell you, I've written some pretty fucked up erotica in my hornier teenage years, but I don't know if I can take the hulking and handsome Emmett luring the innocent and curious Raymundo into a back room and rolling around in fabric scraps together.
Nevermind! I never said a word about it!

I'll probably update again when I catch a repeat.

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i would enjoy your blog a lot more if you didn't call her KLUMMY

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