Wednesday, December 28, 2005

enjoy wasting away three more hours of your life!

Livejournal delivers again- this time with a senior photo of Diana.

Also, due to repeated suggestion, I've listened to Tim Gunn's podcast, and was happy about it. Thrill in the sudden and surprising changes in volume and tone! Imagine the disapproving, pouting facial expressions he is probably making! Hear him say the words "[Daniel Franco] would have seduced me", and remove it from context! One of the most noted pieces of information- Santino's bitching lasted an estimated ninety (90) minutes. That, for lazy mathematicians, is an hour and a half. He elevates himself above "asshole". It's almost admirable, how fucking-nuts nasty he really is. Almost.

The only thing freakier than the PeTA-fodder photos on Santino's blog are some of his fans that leave comments. Specifically, the anonymous kid who points out that "those c***s" (I'm not sure who he's referring to) just took away what was really Santino's victory, how big Santino's balls are for him to blast the nice girls about being virgins behind their backs, that his nickname is Shorty BUT HE IS NOT SHORT, and, the weirdest observation, how damn fat that Aryan sourkraut has gotten. It's bizarre. I almost thought it was a joker poking fun at him, but, Shorty (not short!!!) seems to act just how I might imagine Santino's biggest fans to act. Fucking bizarre.

Well, there's no new show tonight, but you can enjoy all of the magic all over again. Will I? No way! I have better shit to do than watch three straight hours of drama I've already seen. Suckers.
As for next week's challenge, the party dress for the secret socialite, I am once again pulling for it to be Heidi. Pregnant party dress! Gosh, my dreams come true. The buzz among fans seems to be along the predictable lines of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie. This would mean the girl in question would likely be a guest judge. No thanks. If not something for the lovely Klum, I hope for something unusual, like Rupaul, or, Paris Hilton's dog. Most likely, it will not be a no-talent big-name person on VH1 every three seconds, it'll be mildly-talented mildly-known person that I have not heard of as they appear in magazines that I certainly don't waste money on.
And why is that? Because, once again, I don't know shit about fashion.

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