Saturday, December 10, 2005

theory 1: designing for the bump

So, the big clue is, the kids are designing for a big fashion icon. I'm hoping that, even if it's not this week, they eventually have to fit something for the pregnant-but-still-more-fabulous-than-last-season Heidi Klum. I tried to get a picture of what she lovingly referred to as her "bump", but all the pictures on the official site try to mask it.
Image hosted by
I don't see why. She still looks fucking spectacular. Heidi Klum would look spectacular draped in rags and thrown into a river. She would pop up and swear in German cutely and swim to the shore and shake out her hair, and it could be 2:30 am and someone would be nearby to take a picture of it, and it would look fucking fabulous. I'm not praising her, I'm not being spiteful, it's just a solid fact.
She makes a beautiful pregnant lady, and I really hope the designers get to clothe her. Remember Vanessa's big-bellied design? I thought it was great! Gosh, I hope I'm right. I like the whole idea of that test, designing for something besides flat bellies and rock-hard abs.
Another theory up sometime tomorrow.

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