Sunday, December 11, 2005

Take on Tim's Take/Theory the Second

I've given my opinions on all of the designers and said a piece on Miss Klum (who I resolve to affectionately refer to as "Klummy"). That leaves Tim Gunn, and the judges. Nuts to the judges, though, they're not that interesting.
Side note: I really like Andrae, I decided. He's super. I like Andrae's impression of Tim, with a British accent, even though he doesn't really have one. He's that kind of guy. What does he do for Project Runway? He tells people they're out of time, he gives tips on designs in progress (on screen, mostly "get going, you're almost out of time!"), and he keeps a blog detailing the challenge and designs. I've got no beef with Tim (except the slightly creepy omniscient genius thing), but his blog is just silly. You know, they pay him to write three sentences on each design. That's not a blog, that's an episode summary. I went into Tim's Blog looking for which designer he wanted to sleep with! Oh, but he's too proper for that. Hence Andrae's British accented impression. Oh, this specifically bothered me: in his blog, Tim refers to Emmett's inventive shrug, and two pages later, Santino's innovative shrug. Psh. Lame.

As for my other theories, they all contain some sort of logical fallicy. I was thinking along the lines of The Rockettes, or Barbie, or a famous statue. But, you know, the Rockettes aren't one person, nor are they even that fashion-y, and a statue would be pretty hard to dress. Barbie made the most sense- a big icon, a lover of fashion, they could "meet her in her home" at FAO Schwarz or something. However:
She's really tacky,

and unless they can grossly mutate their proportions at will, none of the models would be able to fit into her scaled-up outfits.
Image hosted by
Huh. After some short research, Barbie apparently does have a high fashion function. Weird. There's plenty of other weird/neat Barbie-related links I could leave, but this has already been too much for me.

That's all until Thursday, I suppose.
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Pam said...

Oh, ha. I think you're fun and deserving of comments.
I, too, miss Austin Scarlett.

Anonymous said...

Ahh! How can you not like Tim Gunn?? I want to have his baby. He's chill and relaxed but also encouraging and straightfoward. He REALLY knows what he's talking about, because every time he suggests a change, it ALWAYS ends up better when the person takes his advice. Man, I love Tim Gunn.