Friday, December 16, 2005

The Pretty Ones

I realize I haven't said much on the models. That's unfair, as I was pretty bothered in the first season by what a small role they played. They were competing too, but we never got to see their personalities, and they didn't even compete, they were just picked or not picked by a group of not unprofessionals, but you know, not professionals. Oh well.
One thing that I do like about the models, this season and last, is that many of them are, for the lack of a good word, different-looking. Distinguished, unique. It's not just a bunch of pretty faces coming down the runway, there are some interesting people inside of the clothes.
My favorite this year? Grace. Look at her! She's so weird and beautiful! And apparently, Jay agrees with me.
This year, I have mixed feeling on how the models are being dealt with- it's even less of a competition amongst themselves, they're just tagging along with one of the designers. However, I do think it's better for purely entertainment purposes, and I'm sure that's why they did it. It makes the models more memorable. You don't have to even know their names, you just have to say, "Yeah, Daniel Franco's model, that girl whose pronounciation is even more unique than Heidi Klum's."
I got a comment (a whopping three, now) about calling Heidi "Klummy". I didn't mean it in any offensive way. I like Heidi. She's adorable, it was originally intended to be an affectionate term, so it would sound like "puppy" or "cookie".
...I'm digging a hole here, aren't I?
I'm quite surprised that this was pointed out as offensive before my comparison of her belly to round things. Gosh, I'm glad I decided against that "head cheerleader after prom" joke. Anyway, I might give that up, the round object thing. Comparing beautiful women to objects, eh, kind of makes me uncomfortable with myself. As for calling her Klummy, well, I guess I'll just watch myself to make sure it's obvious I'd coo the word and not snarl it.


Yaten said...

Please don't give up on this journal if people aren't commenting, I love your posts and this is one of the only good PR blogs out there. I'm sure it will pick up popularity as the season progresses~

Anonymous said...

i read your blog often and i must admit that i too found 'Klummy' a bit much.

But please keep writing!