Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bitching about Project Runway

Remember that feminist magazine I dropped a link to in my first entry, referring to their shitlist? Well, you may want to check it out again, because they've put up commentary on last week's Project Runway. They make small note on the "over-the-top" product placement, which is absolutely just, but it's one of the things you've got to get used to with Project Runway. Banana Republic.
They were more concerned that Raymundo's "hey, Barbie doesn't have to dress like a slut" concept was largely ignored. Cotton. A.Z. at Bitch writes:
" Sure, Baltazar was maybe a little na├»ve. Maybe he just isn’t up on his doll marketing. But everyone reacted like the guy dressed his "doll" in a nun's habit. Couldn’t one person have just given him props for suggesting that not all dolls—and not all preteens—need to look like they’re on their way to a playdate at the Mustang Ranch? "
His dress was, in my unprofessional opinion, kind of ugly, but it's true, no one took his noble idea into consideration. Of course, on screen at least, he didn't really explain this idea clearly. A.Z. failed to point out something that surprised me- the otherwise bright and huggable Chloe's comments while making her dress. After stating that every girl likes pink (which, at age seven, is probably not without some truth to it), she assured a nervous Tim Gunn that she was going to hike up her skirt a few inches. Well, I guess teen girls just can't have fun in long dresses. L'Oreal.
What really caught my eye was in the comments. A commenter going just by "j" wrote:
" and what was with them all insisting that a rather ebony colored woman with a lovely fro put on a stick straight blonde wig (yet suspiciously not mentioning the hair issue with kara's model, who had a straightened coif)? "
This had definitely caught my attention when the show aired. Why would they tell the lovely Danyelle to stick a wig over her beautiful hair, but not mention it to Kara's or Lupe's models? There was the fact that Lupe's model was naturally light locks, but Kara's model, Eden, definitely lacks natural Barbie-like hair. Sure, she downplayed it with pigtails, but it's far from platinum blonde. Why did the judges not even mention it, when they went nuts about Danyelle's wiglessness? My first thought-I'm not joking- conspiracy! They're keeping down the flamboyant homosexual and his beautiful blackalicious muse! Andrae probably thought the same. Cotton!

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