Saturday, January 21, 2006

case closed.

I'm one of the less cultured people who heard the designers were doing something for Sasha Cohen this challenge and said, "Who?"
Thus, I looked at her website this morning, mostly wondering if there were any pictures of her in Zulema's dress. Didn't find that, but was (only slightly) bothered by this:
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Do you see what I see?
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Tassles. I didn't understand why they kept pointing out Kara's use of tassles as a major design flaw. Oh well.

Also, Livejournal never fails to find the most obscure shit possible.
Even Andrae has noticed that fans, male and female alike, have been dying to find a glimpse of Daniel Vosovic on the internet. Which is kind of weird, but then, the designers this season seem to be just about the most acessable reality stars I've ever heard of. You can leave messages for Santino, Diana and Nick on their blogs, and friend Andrae and Daniel Franco (who, by the way, is looking for interns) on myspace. However, as BPR has past pointed out, you can't find a damn word from Daniel V. I have to assume he's not as tech-friendly as the other designers. There was a picture or two of him on Diana's blog at Heidi Klum's halloween party, but that's all I found until today. This afternoon, someone on the livejournal Project Runway community posted this picture of him at a Marc Jacobs shindig in December:
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Apparently it had a western theme. You'd think designers would be above theme parties, eh? Oh well, it's kind of cute. The caption says that's John Wade on his left, and if it is, he seems to have slimmed a bit. Daniel V is also in the background in this picture:
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So, the mystety is solved. We know where Daniel Vosovic is. Partying.

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