Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Santino may be bisexual, but Nick is bicoastal.

Queerty Query delivers another high quality interview, this time with Nick Verreos. Nick seems to be the most common pick to win. Of course, I always want the underdog to win, but if you ask me who I actually think will win, I'd say Nick, too. He's professional, poised, expirienced and talented. I think he's one of the few who can work every angle Project Runway requires.
That said, it would be so damn obvious if he won! It's the Kara Saun situation. It was so exciting that Jay beat her out, because it was an actual surprise, but looking at his collection you felt he deserved it. Sorry, Nick fans, I route for the underdogs. I think that's my fascination with spelling bees. I want the weird kids to get a chance to shine brightest.
Oh, Nick mentions a few blogs that feature Project Runway- Blogging Project Runway, Four Four (links at right, as those are the only two I read regularly) and TV sans pity. I think that's very exciting for the respective bloggers, but I'm actually pretty glad I'm not that popular (yet? I did get a link at BPR recently... naw, I'm too preoccupied for blog fame). I would be stressed out if I knew the person I was writing about was reading every word. Laura at BPR is super sweet and the dedicated fan (I took a stroll at RISD, she took a stroll at Mood Fabrics), and Rich at FourFour is hilarious, so they don't need to worry as I would.

I had some repeats on in the background as I went about my business today, and just thought I'd make a short list of amusing, formerly unnoticed tidbits.
- Zulema's exact A-2 quote from the lingerie episode: "A, they can't patternmake, 2, they're not the best sewers."
- Kara recalls Guadalupe doing the "caterpillar" during the walk-off
- Emmett actually displays emotion, after Santino makes his crude "never had sex" comment about Diana's team. "Well, neither have you!" He sounded sincere, and actually insulted on their behalf. Points to Emmett.
- Remember cotton how I tresemee talked about banana republic product placement? I realized today that the designers have, essentially, a cooler full of Dasani in their apartments. Which is nice and convinient, but, it's about two feet from the sink, you know? They really ought to put it in the runway room, where people are really sweating. The bottles would get way more airtime, too. Dasani.

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Yaten said...

Speaking of product placement, I'm pretty sure all of the clothes all of the designers in the first season wore came from Banana Republic, but I've never actually read or heard that anywhere.

So, I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure it's right.