Wednesday, January 18, 2006


First of all, can I just tell you, Heidi Klum and her wardrobe make me actually want to be pregnant?

The first of what I suspect will be a few guest apperances by former contestants, delivery boy Robert appears!
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(edit: wrote that suspicion at the begining of the program, glad to see I was right- I predict the designers will be initially excited, only to find Jay bitchier than the rest of the judges)
How cute- I was wondering what that cryptic picture on BPR was about. Everyone made friendly, if a little awkward (I've just always found Rob a little awkward), introductions. Except, of course, the always deadpan Emmett flat out did not know who he was. I thought it was just a little bit sad, that Rob was showing up in a postal service uniform. You know, that being the challenge he lost. It was like he was showing them their impending doom.

The designers meet Sasha Cohen in a nearby skating rink. Nick is ecstatic. He is more than ecstatic- Nick goes from poised professor to nerdy fanboy on us.
And. It's. Adorable.
I think the whole skating rink ordeal was cute. Cute cute cute. I was flat-out squealing about it. They were playing tag! With Sasha Cohen, in silly outfits. It was pure and good and entertainig. I loved it. No drama necesarry: Tim Gunn on ice skates is good television.

But, Tim Gunn gets dirty again. Or, well, for the first time we've seen.
"Try to think of a way to respond to Michael and Nina, that's not so much, 'fuck you'." Beautiful. It's official: I love Tim Gunn.

I knew Emmett was out in the first twenty minutes. You have to worry for the one they pay a lot of attention. Had he really illustrated "Starry Night" (you know, the one like this) on his dress, which seemed to be his claim, I would be singing his praises right now. Unfortunately, it just came out as a glittery spiderweb of some kind, or perhaps he was channeling Diana.
Goodbye, Emmett.
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He was accepted his defeat sweetly, and received a sincere goodbye. Nick cried! How adorable.
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That was this week's theme: fricking adorable.

Quick design opinion breakdown: I have to say, my boy Andrae had me worried. The concept was kind of neat, in that "I think it's neat but the judges will hate it" kind of way, but he was original enough to pass through unquestioned. For once, I actually really liked what Nick and Chloe made. Kara also had me worried early on, but I think her final design looked better than the judges credited her for, tassle mistake aside. I was worried Daniel V wasthe one they were going to call out as vulgar, his piece was much shorter than Emmett's. Santino, oh, Santino- what a neat concept, if only you had executed it without a million billion feathers. Really, feathers? FEATHERS? You can hardly pull off feathers on the red carpet, you want an olympic skater to try to move gracefully and look good in them?
Zulema finally took the win, surprising herself. Her reaction made me laugh. Seriously? Really? What? I really won. Wow. Oh. Ok. Which means we finally get to see her do the walk-off next week. I think she deserved it, really. The win, I mean, not the walk-off, that'll just be silly. I'm starting to suspect Zulema may be the wildcard to force herself up into the final three.