Monday, January 16, 2006

Donate chiffon to The Church of Vampire Jesus Santino today!

Though I can't find it anywhere on the internet, the new preview for this week's episode features Santino looming over Andrae and belting out something very close to "I WANT YOUR SOUL". I think I continue to find Santino tolerable because of these inspired moments he seems to have with Andrae. I think he knew how he would eventually be portrayed. Maybe he was counting on it.
I think this whole soul-wanting statement backs up a comment I made to friend and fellow fan D. Wils last night, creator of the blog I've been invited to contribute to. Congratulations, You're An Asshole updates every Monday with a new person we personally think needs to be outted for blatant asshole tendencies. We were discussing potentials, and I'll not spoil the surprises, but Santino did come up. We decided he wasn't important enough for Asshole of the Week, but arrogant enough for perhaps Asshole of the Weekend at some point. Anyway, we threw out several terms that we felt applied to him, mostly in regards to his physical apperance. Understand, I'd never put someone down for not being born what society would deem unattractive. Santino's problem isn't that he's unattractive. The problem is he looks like Jesus. There was just a specific image I had in mind:
Image hosted by
Crude halo inserted by me. Anyway, after instantly agreeing that he looked like the Christian Lord and Savior, I think we also brought up the terms "creepy Jesus", "skeevy Jesus", "Jesus slash child molester", and, what I considered my most solid conclusion, "Vampire Jesus".
So, this whole soul-wanting business fits that theory perfectly. Bisexual Vampire Jesus wants your soul. He wants to save you soul, with high fashion. Then he will devour it to keep him eternally young. Accept old world techniques into your heart and join the Church of Vampire Jesus Santino Rice today.


Anonymous said...

Check this out. They are selling t-shirts that say "Where the hell is my chiffon?" from last week's episode. I think Andrae said it and they used it in the commercials. Funny. I just bought one.

hello_kitty631 said...

Freaky. I was just thinking the same thing. I almost left a comment on his blog that said:

Santino - you look like Jesus.

But I thought he'd find it stalkerish. Now I know I'm not the only one!

oolong said...

wasnt there even an anne rice book called 'The Vampire Santino'? or am i just hallucinating

Anonymous said...
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