Sunday, January 29, 2006

Update: I can't count, and there is life after Project Runway.

So, apparently I kept referring to the final five in this week's update. I was struck just today with what a stupid mistake that was. I guess I inadvertantly made that conclusion because of the immunity thrown in. It would make a lot of sense for everyone to be so excited about immunity into the final three- oh well. Stupid mistake on my part.

So, I've been asking myself, what am I going to do with this blog with P:R runs out? Change the layout and links, first of all. I don't think I can totally cross over from a blog entirely about a fashion reality show to the counter-culture, gender-studies type stuff that interests me in my waking hours.

Then, last night, I finally bought the film that first spoke to me as a young gender-unsure teen- forget Brokeback Mountain and Boys Don't Cry. I've yet to see the latter, and those are deep looks at the tragedy of growing up queer. Who the heck wants to be severely depressed for two hours? I'd recommend those to straight people who need a clue. I bought the film that blatantly mocked homophobia, starred a big old bunch of loveable stereotypes, cast RuPaul as a straight-laced ex-gay counselor and still captures a tender love story. It warmed my heart to watch it again. I'm talking about the super campy But I'm A Cheerleader.

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I think I'll watch it again and sort out some kind of review, but it'll be hard to sum up my love for it without pointing out every ridiculous detail.

So I guess that's the direction I'm going, if that's understandable. Discussing the weird bits of culture that I love, probably in the vein of Project Runway or But I'm A Cheerleader. More soon, I hope.

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