Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another reason for Laura K to put disclaimer next to my link.

First of all, yes, I did watch the SAG Awards soley to catch a glimpse of Brenda Strong wearing Nick Verreos. I thought it was quite beautiful- a more sophisticated, sensual version of the Nicky Hilton dress. Congratulations to Nick for getting something on the red carpet while there's still more show to air. Santino may be in Nicky Hilton's rolodex, but he hasn't had any of his dresses draped on a statue holder as of yet.

Now, on to the dirtier bits.
If you the random fanfic in Santino's comments made you blush, you might be the type to regularly avert your eyes from Dan Savage's sex advice column. I, on the other hand, have not only read, but penned more than one sexy scenario between gay reality stars (I need to point out that I haven't attempted this in over two years). Therefore, it should be no surprise that I have a note in my inbox every week telling me when the new Savage Love column is avalible. Guess who gets multiple mentions this week?
"...the next time you want an advice columnist's full attention— when you want him to, say, stop beating off about a three-way with Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg and Daniel V. from Project Runway and focus instead like a laser beam on your problems— you might not want to open your letter with an insult..."
Come on, who did you expect?

Once again, on the future of this blog- I changed the description to be a bit more vague, as we're hopely moving into that "occasionally more interesting part" I mentioned... at least until next season. I have some ideas for books, films and people to write about (all in this odd, aesthetically-pleasing/culturally-subversive theme I seem to be working on), and a few ideas for "articles" popped into my head. You know, theories or ideas I have that I can only back up with marginally credible, mostly personal-expirience-type evidence. The stuff blogs are made of. A review of But I'm A Cheerleader is under way (with dozens of photos courtesy the official fanlisting). I hope some of you (i.e. all five of you) will stick around to see if I can "freelance" and still be interesting.

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