Saturday, January 07, 2006

*I don't know shit about fashion

Ha- the one time I don't do an entry, I get a mess of comments.
I scraped the entry I was working on. It felt too whiney, though as I am currently hacking up phlegm, I feel entitled to whine about something. I'm going to try not to piss and moan about Santino (I admit- his dress was good, though I don't understand the appeal of braiding- then again, IDKSAF*), Diana (after considering that science geeks probably wouldn't place high in the "appealing to a Hilton" challenge), or even, sigh, Marla.
I'm starting to lose faith, though. I'm starting to suspect that the judgements aren't as clean as last season- when someone performed in a challenge, they placed high. When someone failed, they were outed, despite their potential, their former designs and definitely despite their personality off the runway. It was pure skill and versatility, challenge to challenge. I'm so afraid Project Runway is trying to best last season by keeping characters instead of talent. This really bothered me: in the "social challenge" last season, Alexandra was outed for copying another designer. Even Tim Gunn agrees with me.
As the internet had already managed to spoil and the talent over at Blogging Project Runway had already guessed, the surprise socialite was the smaller, more articulate Hilton.
Her piece this challenge leaning into "too art", and even into the space of "huh, weird", we say goodbye to Guadalupe.

Farewell, little friend. She's made some decent stuff, if you rip away the ocassional armband. I always wondered if there was some personal meaning to those, or if she genuinely thought the dresses looked better with them.
Once again treading on the same spots as Austin Scarlett, Santino flaunts his way into Nicky's heart for the win on the social challenge. Like I said, decent dress. I personally wouldn't wear it (also, wouldn't wear Nick's oddly shaped creation or Chloe's low-cut garment), but then, I'm not a Hilton. Anyway, this was Santino's challenge. Being the center of attention.
What, in my completely unprofessional opinion, was the best dress? Andrae's elegant, unwrinkable little number. And what should've fallen in the bottom three? Zulema's unique black-and-white piece. While not horrendous, and definitely not worthy of getting her out, it definitely has more "worst dressed list" capability than Diana's piece.
By the way, Dirty Diana? Still adorable.

Next week is another team challenge, and the picking of teams can be seen on a Myspace preview. It is absolutely reminiscint of high school group projects. The big nerd (Diana in this case, me in high school) stands still, waiting for someone to pick them, and ends up with some kid who's barely passing (Marla in this case, a kid in my art class named Gonzo in high school- who, to my releif, he didn't show up on the day on the project). Someone looms next to someone, hoping they're assumed partners, but someone cuts in and formally asks (Chloe and Emmett). The smart, popular kids (Nick and Santino) get together, even if they don't particularly like each other, they just know they'll kick ass. Friends get with friends (Daniel and Andrae), and eventually you just go with whoever's left that shares gender with you (Kara and Zulema).
My hope for Diana: she and Marla do not use Cara as their model. I think she is made of styrofoam or something. Creepy comparison: lack of expression in the first challenge, lack of expression in the fourth challenge, lack of expression in the fifth challenge.

Oh, and the talented Mr. Oolong has put all of his caricatures in one place, adding Daniel Franco, Zulema, Gudalupe, Emmett and Marla. Emmett, avec tiny top hat and huge monocle is probably my favorite thus far.


Anonymous said...

there is an article in the OFallon, Missouri - suburban journal about Santino Rice - titled a Star By Design - interesting - sorry I don't know how to do hyperlinks

Anonymous said...

I'm madass worried that Diana is going home this week. I will be devastated if she does. Did you see her wearing a RISD shirt this past week? I was all, "REPRASENT!"

D. Wils said...

Hey Raechel! I started my own blog and I feel like the mission I've undergone is a two-person job maybe. If you want in, do say so, I think it would be fun!

D. Wils said...

hey raech, what's your email? i'm adding you to my blog team so you can post assholes too. officially we announce one every monday but we can do mid-week assholes too, just not official ones. maybe stuff we've heard in the news, etc. anyway i need your email so i can invite you.