Thursday, September 28, 2006

Episode Eleven: Sexiness, Sensual AND Sultry? Wow, those aren't even all the same part of speech!

Ok, I know I've been worthless in terms of updating lately. I have MSPaint images stored up from the last three episodes, but it's all pretty unfinished and chaotic, and the fact that I'm at college now makes for a hard time just watching the show, nevermind watching the show twice and having the time to make images and witty jokes about it.

I need to express my love for the last episode, though. Screw all y'all that may say it's a copout or that so-and-so should've been out. I would've cried, if not for the fact I was squished on a dorm bed with three other girls half-watching and half-talking about our suitemates.


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Literally, look, these two are touching! It's just that overwhelming.

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From the start, I thought Uli was going to be out (and so did about 50% of the audience, apparently), but she made a smart move by picking Nazri (as bad as I felt for Lindsay). There are some outfits that would've been disasters if they were put on anyone else but her. Cough, Michael. I think if I do a recap of the finale, I'll just consistenly claim that Nazri wins. Come on. She always does. Anyway, Uli's dress turned out beautiful, bless her German little heart.

Oh, I'm so excited that all four collections are being judged. Why the heck not? They all went down the runway anyway.

Other highlights include my favorite once again proving himself to be my favorite:

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Plus, he had a sweet little video chat with his baby boy. What a big softie.

Things that were not-so-happy this episode:
I wanted to sympathize with the fact that the designers had to cut their work time by six hours, but I was way more aghast that they made the models walk around New York in four-inch heels.

This was also nearly weep-worthy:

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"Forget it. It was a stupid idea."

Come on, elevator door. DON'T YOU KNOW SHE'S PREGNANT?
I didn't even know there were elevator doors that weren't sensitive to human actions. Bizarre! Poor Laura.

Oh, you know what might've been the best thing about this episode?
NO VINCENT AND/OR ANGELA. I was so pissed about that.
Y'know, since I already made them, I'll go ahead and leave you with the MSPaint images of Vincent and Kayne upon their respective departures.

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I gave him a little much-needed color, and I turned his creepy, bad material for that challenge into something it's more suited for.

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I do miss Kayne, a.k.a. our sunshine, a.k.a. WHY are they always filming you shirtless?

Look for an update on the reunion! It may or may not actually be here. Suckers!


joy said...

i love your mspaint portraits of the artists. :) this is my first visit to your blog... poor vincent and kayne. i actually liked laura's dress... if the neckline wasn't so *ahem* low, it would be absolutely gorgeous.

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