Friday, March 21, 2008

Youtube Favorite Fridays

I think the lists we compile on the internet say a lot about us- our amazon wishlists (I've got a lot of comic books, documentaries and GLBT-themed everything), our recent wikipedia searches (I've got a lot of superheroes, dinosaurs and different schools of feminism), and of course, our favorite youtube videos.

I favorite things on youtube mostly because I want more people to watch them, but I obviously realize that nobody real cares to check my favorites on youtube regularly. So, I thought I'd make them an installment here. Enjoy the first of many Friday Youtube Favorites:

This is a brief video about Jennifer Miller and Circus Amok. She comes to my institution of higher learning every so often, so I've met her in person, and let me tell you, she is one amazing woman with a beard. Yes, it grows there naturally; no, she's not transitioning; yes, she eats fire; yes, she if pretty friggin' hot. Look her up, and don't miss the show if it comes near you.

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