Thursday, March 27, 2008

Youtube Favorite Fridays

This has been making the rounds on some of my favorite blogs. Enjoy, hopefully I'll get to something besides the regular feature this week... or perhaps I should just start making more regular features.

The original of this is down for whatever reason, but some smarty pants put it up on a different name. Check out the man's website, and enjoy!

EDIT: The original is up! Is youtube being weird for anyone else? A lot of videos have been mysteriously "unavailable" to me lately, and this has confirmed my suspicion that it might only be on my end.


Jay Smooth said...

I think my original is still extant?

You scared me for a minute, I live in fear of the youtube police shutting me down. :)

(normally i'd be flattered anybody bothered to re-upload my stuff, but this one seems to be some kind of spammer..?)

Raechel said...

Oh! Thanks!
I think youtube's just been kind of funky for me the past few days... an unusual number of videos have been marked "no longer avaliable". Maybe it's a problem on my end. Glad it's working!