Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Few Items of Interest Pour Toi.

First of all, if you don't read Queerty (and why the hell not?), and you know anyone in Massachusetts, I must direct you to I've already found one very close friend with his name on the petition to ban gay marriage and dropped him/her a note about it. Maybe he has leanings I'm unaware of, or maybe he's a victim of fraud. Why take the chance?

Also, I've got further support for the Santino as Gay Vampire Jesus theory thanks to pictures from the GLAAD awards. Santino is on page two. Though he appears more preist-esque than Jesus-like, come on. Look at him. Tell me this outfit and pose don't scream "queer religious undead". Is he trying to supply me with material?
(I did have a picture displayed here, but it was too damn huge and water-marked for my liking. Aesthetics, thank you!)

Last, and probably least, am I the only one who's been getting really good spam lately? You know, that kind of ranting, nonsensical stuff with a link slipped in the middle so they don't get picked up by filters? My inbox has been stuffed with it this week. Most are too long and mind-numbing to post, but I got one a few hours ago that had no ad, and was all of one sentence. I'm not sure what they're trying to acheive with this one. The spam in question, in its entirety:

"After the stuffy city, Judas was struck by the stupefying smell of the

dog's head."

I know these things are probably blogged about all the time, but when someone gives you an incomplete thought like this, everyone should share the magic.

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