Thursday, April 06, 2006

In Which I Have Immature But Legitimate Worries About The Cool Kids Not Liking Me

Links to Witch Doctor totally fixed. Why doesn't anyone point these things out?
The five of you are grounded.

Sorry, I've been in a bad mood the past few days- I was rejected from my top choice college (Ithaca, if you hadn't guessed) and facing a fast decision between my back-ups. It's pretty much down to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and SUNY Purchase. My aunt, who's very invested in my education, sent me to their respective Wikipedia pages of all places. Purchase had the most detailed page, and it sounds like an artistic culturally-subversive haven. However, it's not very aeshthetically pleasing. I wonder if my aunt was trying to steer me in a particular direction when she sent me this link....

"this school absolutely blows donkey testicles. do not go here is the only advice i can give you. it is the gay capital of the world, if you are straight it is very difficult to get laid."

And that's from an allegedly bright female. Of course naming something "the gay capital of the world" only draws me closer to it. However, I'm terribley afraid they're overjudging my abilities. The only accept thirty-one percent of applicants (much, much less than the other schools I applied to), and for the love of Parker Posey, look at their alumni! Moby? Wesley Snipes? One of the Petes from Pete and Pete? I'm pretty sure I am not hip enough to be going to this school. Just the fact that I used the word "hip" proved my point.

I'm away this weekend, and I'll be stressed out until this college problem is resolved- I fear the five of you might have to entertain yourselves for a little while.


Bridgette said...

Hey...I've been reading your blog since I found the link somewhere (Blogging Project Runway I think), and I feel like I can totally relate to you. I was even inspired to start up a blog, and I haven't blogged in ages.

I, too, am a HS senior from RI, and I was rejected from 2 of the 4 schools that I applied to. I just made the decision of what school I want to go to, and it was really difficult for me, but I feel like I've made the right choice.

You seem like a cool, intellectual girl, someone that I would be friends with. I'm not sure if you moderate your comments (I do), so I'm really not comfortable leaving my contact info here. Comment on my blog if you want to talk some time!

Scott A. Edwards said...

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