Thursday, April 27, 2006

In Which I Break My Own Rules!

I usually refuse to grab items from other blogs without having something original to say about the content, but, this link I just spotted at feministing really must be passed on.
Some apparently really cool kids wrote some really good speeches for President Bush (that may or may not contain the phrase "doo-doo head"), and got them recited by an impersonator.

This next item was featured on bookslut, but I was directed to it from someone else, so it's not (so blatantly) stealing. The judge who acquitted the author of The Da Vinci Code of plagarism charges worked his own secret code into his ruling. If you're not registered for The New York Times website, you can read the full text as posted by some nice kid on livejournal.

Odd! Inspiring! Right?


Jen said...

Dude, you gotta check this out.

"Hi Shirely, it's Alan Colmes. What's the matter with you?"

an optimist said...

Oh, I've seen it, several times. But, come on, it's Little Phelps. I'm glad someone is calling them out (they've only been doing this bizarre "God hates fags, and to a lesser extent Jews, and that's why life is miserable" shit for decades), but it's like calling out the KKK. Not hard. I liked Hannity's "it's disturbing you're using religion to justify your hate" sentiment, but someone should be saying that to some people that are considered sane to the extent that they have their own TV and radio shows.

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