Monday, April 03, 2006

In Which a Well-Known PR Fan Has a Webcomic, Creating an Intersection of Sorts

Remember my internet friend Oolong, who did the lovely caricatures of the Project Runway designers?

Seeing as I mentioned my zest for webcomics in my last entry, I thought I'd plug his new webcomic, Witch Doctor. It's a bit more, hmm, comprehensive than his previous, titled Faggot House. It's still in the exposition stage, but the art is nice and the characters seem likeable, so I'll be following it for a while.

A sneak peak? Sure, why not? Hopefully he won't eat my face or anything for not mentioning this to him.

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Give it a peek, support the guy- webcomics are definitely harder to keep going than lousy blogs like this.

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oolong said...


you think you can get away with this, but you forget that i check my HTTP referrer stats with a fervor not commonly seen outside of mental hospital OCD wards.