Sunday, March 19, 2006

Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.

Is this a gay blog? I didn't really intend on that to happen. It just sort of did. Ok, so it was created to blab about Project Runway, so the shift to caring for the gay community isn't out of left field or anything. Well, among the things that inspire me, feminist and queer politics are high on the list. You know, idealistic (soon-to-be) college student that I am.

Anyway, if you ever visit those blogs to your right, you'll know that two of them recently reported on The 16th Annual Barring of Irish GLBT Groups from Marching in the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade. Of course, being bisexual and Irish, this makes me quite sad, but I also couldn't get a funny thought out of my head. Both funny-odd and funny-haha. I thought someone would point it out at some point, but it seems I'll grab the opportunity.
When you search "St. Patrick's Day" on the internet, what do you think you find? Leprechauns, copious amounts of leprechauns. And, who is anyone kidding? Leprechauns are gay. They remind me of bears, but shorter and with a preference for green. They always seem giddy, and beyond physical stereotypes, they hang out around rainbows. Just look at this little guy. What a cutie.

Also, it's time for disclosure. I watched the premiere of The Surreal Life tonight.
It's not like I planned it or anything- VH1's weird reality TV just sort of sucks you in while you're changing stations. I stopped for Alexis Arquette. I wanted to see how her role would unfold. I didn't catch the beginning, so I didn't see any cheesey coming-out scene or shocked reactions, if there were any. Thus far, it seems to me they're treating Alexis like a woman. While she's got a little bit of a big-assertive-queen vibe, she's showing other sides. In the previews, it looks like she gets to be genuinely sexy. It's promising- maybe I'll take note on it again.
Oh, and I watched part of the second episode of Top Chef, because they went to a sex shop, and I caught sight of RuPaul in a preview. I think they're trying to trick me into watching. RuPaul! I love RuPaul.
It's like I said. My blog is getting exponentially gayer.

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