Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An Update of Only Slight Relevence

I got a comment from a Project Runway-loving Ithacan today- which reminded me, I never did post any pictures of, you know, Ithaca itself.
For the curious, the beautiful town of Ithaca looks like this at night:
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Taken from the boy's room in one of the tower dorms at Ithaca College. The picture does no justice, the view is magnificent. A nice detail that I was told but never bothered to ask for a source about: a city planner made part of the town look like a swan for his wife. It's just like Highlights for Kids. Can you spot it? The neck's a little to the left of the center.

I also remembered a detail of the trip I overlooked: I finally saw Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Listen. I'm a nerd. I enjoy Harry Potter. I only saw the third movie, because I had matured past my fuck-Harry-Potter-for-getting-enormously-popular-and-all-commercial phase, and it didn't look as bad as the first two. The atmosphere seemed more fitting, but I still had the average nerdy book-was-better complaints, and thus avoided the fourth movie for a while. My friends all said it was great- didn't believe them. The boy's friends also said it was great- didn't beleive them. The boy's friends also said it was cheap, so I figured my dissapointment was worth roughly three dollars (and it actually ended up being free).
I'm sorry, fellow nerds. This movie was bad. Not the-book-was-better bad. This was a bad movie. Like, bad-bad. Laughabley bad. I seriously laughed at things I wasn't supposed to. For example, the Beauxbatons girls' hats were shaped like boobies.
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I guess their entrance were supposed to be humorous? That's what someone told me, but I don't believe it. The girl's school enters in outfits seeming to be designed by Austin Scarlett. They wiggle their butts and sigh daintily and I'm pretty sure they giggled girlishly. They're from a girl's school. They have vaginas. We get it. Of course, the boy's school follows, grunting and waving their big sticks around. Later, Harry Potter is molested by a ghost, and eventually the film evokes an emotional response.
Emma Watson is a decent actress, in my opinion. My only problem with her is that she's become too glamourous to look properly nerdish. Boy'sFriends argued that she acts mainly with her eyebrows, and that Daniel Radcliffe is the good actor of the group. See, I actually believe Emma Watson, out of place hotness aside. Something about Daniel Radcliffe makes me not believe him. He says one of his lines, and I say, "Daniel, you're lying. You are not really Harry Potter, you are not really an orphan and you are not about to fight the Hungarian Horntail."
Who knows, maybe Rupert Grint is the good one? He's got playing an obnoxious twit of a best friend down pretty well, as far as I've seen. Wonder how he'd do if they gave his character some depth?

Moving on, I've been tremendously lazy about updating. I watched the Oscars, but I'm sure I'll find the Tonies more comment-worthy. I had a great camp at sex ed/church camp, I've just got to get the pictures up- I think I'll mostly let them speak for themselves. Oh yeah, that show that we like had its finale like tomorrow. I had a dream a few nights ago that Chloe won and I had to publicly defend her collection. Since then, I've been more unsure about the winner. I know my premonition skills aren't spectacular, so I'm keeping with the big winner not being Chloe. However, I'm shaky on my original Project Vosovic theory: judging from the previews of the, um, judging, I think Daniel will come under some heat. So is that big poopy head Santino going to actually take it? Eh, I won't be upset. He's hopefully had enough public blows to the ego to humble him down. Really, like I said, I don't have a personal investment anymore- I just want to know which outfits the professionals think were the least dissapointing.


AdvisorGirl said...

Dude - the SANTINO fans should hit his website tonight to check out the T-Shirts they are selling over there.

They picked up on your VAMPIRE JESUS vibe for sure!


Vampire Tees Rock. I might just order... yikes - they GOT me!

*gia said...

I'm a Project Runway loving Ithacan too. Smmmmmaaaaaaaaaaalll world!