Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Dull and The Danservice.

Well, I should've known Kara was out. She's the underdog. That's the tragedy of loving the underdog, they most often lose. Unless, of course, you're after a cheesey sports movie.
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Goodbye, Kara.
Her decoy collection at fashion week was great. (Oh, if you're not aware, Olympus Fashion Week has, for both seasons, taken place the week before Project Runway airs the show revealing the final three contenders. Thus, both Austin Scarlett last year and Kara Janx this year presented collections so the next week's elimination would not be leaked out early.) The hats might be seen as a bit odd, but she said she liked hats, didn't she? I won't talk about the other collections yet, but Kara was the most surprising, colorful and, in my opinion, had the most personality. I can imagine it actually sparking an interesting debate between the judges.
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Farewell to thee, Kara. Not only the most dazzling collection, the most charming personality. Diana was the most original, Andrae was the most earnest, and Kara was the sweetest.

So, now, I don't really care who wins. Not in the sense of "I hate you all! How awful! I don't care anymore! Angst!" In the sense of, I'm out of favorites. I'm truly ambivalent, from here on out it's a technical rather than personal interest. So whoever wins, good for them. Even Santino- though his dress was hideous this week, his collection was/will be slightly interesting.
Ok, can I get into how hideous Santino's dress was? I mean, I get why he was in, he did something eye-catching, even if it was for all the wrong reasons. I mean, even the biggest Santino fans can't deny his creation this week was practically unwearable. I'll give you an insight into the scenario that entered my mind when I saw that thing:
Imagine, if you will, an 80's teen movie in which the poor heroine is invited to prom two days before the event in a small tumbleweed-littered town, and she has to fly out to the only department store her family can afford to shop at, and the only dress they have left (that doesn't smell like cat piss) is the biggest, tackiest, most awful, embarassing thing you could ever imagine, and she has to strut into the prom and pretend it's cutting-edge fashion and looks super-hot.
That is exactly what Heather looked like on the runway. She was trying to pretend that piece of junk was not laughable.

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So, maybe she turned it down, or maybe it's because she lives so far away. But how funny was it that Wendy wasn't invited to the party? Maybe it was a "there in spirit" thing, as Austin might've been wearing her clothes.
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If you've been paying attention, you know I have nothing but love and admiration for charismatic guys in dresses and lace.

This episode was largely dull. The designs were dull, the drama was dull, the challenge was dull. No matter how many stupid twists (an evening gown! representing your collection! FOR IMAN OH TAKE THAT) you include or field trips you go on (hey, season three? ONE FIELD TRIP AN EPISODE PLEASE), you are not going to magically make the episode more interesting than the designs. The designs are dull? The episode will be dull. End of story.
I think the producers are trying one last ploy to pick up ratings. There are plenty of people who blatantly admit to watching Project Runway for Daniel Vosovic and only Daniel Vosovic. As santino is unofficially a real word, I'm coining my own term. You may or may not know that fanservice is a term used in anime culture in reference to, oh, including a peek up a girl's skirt for no particular reason. The producers of Project Runway are trying to cash in on the Danny craze with:
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Some serious danservice.


Emma Holliday said...

I was looking at Kara's collection (which I loved!) but I don't understand what the collection is for if she didn't make it to fashion week. I'm rather confused.

jules said...

re: danservice

ok, it's official
i love you!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I'm all about the Danservice.

I love him as a designer as well, but I won't turn down extra Daniel footage!!!

AJ said...


I'm thinking you're onto something...him in those white pants last week!

And the bonus videos from that episode of him in his undies and commenting on his junk...I think we're being manipulated here, but I don't mind...