Sunday, February 19, 2006

Evening, You Five Loyal Readers, You

I'm sticking to the shtick that I have five readers. Love you five. Thanks for all the praise about the coining of danservice- I can't believe no one thought of it before. I mean, all of the wins, and then stuff like this? I'm officially predicting he's the winner. Breaking my not-talking-about-OFW-collections streak and telling you that Chloe's collection was ok, but I thought the materials were all too similar. Santino's collection is better than his TV creations, but I think the producers might actually step in to halt his winning, considering he may be just as if not more difficult to work with than Jay McCaroll. They also might consider the fact that the many DanFans would be interested in following this handsome newcomer's career. Project Vosovic, anyone? So, Dan seems like the obvious choice.

Also, check out the new banner. I kept the image of Diana's first design- need to stick to my roots. On the left is Kimya Dawson, all the way to the right, Mr. Izzard, and beside him, yes, that is an image from A Chorus Line. I'm a straight-up broadway nerd, but don't worry, I'm not the type that thinks everyone else should be, too. Falling in love with a cynic is somewhat taming to flamboyant dorks like me. Though, he admits to a deep love of The Sound of Music. Gush.


Anonymous said...

Hats off to Mr. Izzard in the new banner! I never would have suspected the first battalion transvestite brigade! And yes, that squirrel is *still* covered in makeup! ;)

On the Santino front, I have to say I was flat-out underwhelmed by his collection. I was expecting so much more--maybe I had too many hopes for a "retro, diva 80's with a funked-out new attitude" overall look, but it's just not like anything I expected from "Monsieur Sir-castic of the Rolling Eyes, and Master of All Lies."

Even more than ever now, I feel the need to post my little rhyme:

Who's peekin' out from under a hemline
Rollin' his eyes and makin' a scene
Tellin' a lie about his creation
Everyone knows he's Wendy

Who's makin' drama down on the runway
Whinin' at Kors and Nina each week
Who's reachin' out to dis a designer
Everyone knows he's Wendy

Santino has seams that fly
He makes all the models cry
And when he's not "auf," we sigh
'Cause we know why ('Cause we know why)
'Cause we know why ........

Who's got The Pepper in his back pocket
Pullin' the strings nobody can see
Who's got the judges locked in his locket
Everyone knows he's Wendy


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