Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Man, I don't even need to make comedy about this.

I haven't watched a reality show reunion since Real World Season 9. I forgot the wonderful, cheesey magic they entail. If you missed the magic, I'll break it down into points about everyone (or, well, everyone that got enough time to be interesting):
-John Wade got fine.
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Not only mega-thin, as I'd already noticed, I feel like he grew two inches upwards or something. I would officially go- um- male, for him?
-Kirsten got preggers.
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I think I heard her say she was seven months. Aid my memory, what month was the show filmed in?
-Heidi (the designer) didn't do much but remind us she's Southern by struggling over "Ra-moon-doh?"
-Heidi (the model) reminded us she's German by confusing "selling like hotcakes" with "selling like bagels". I thought the latter was better. She hasn't been remarkabley cute in a while. She followed it up with "I'm German, what do I know?" For whatever reason, this form of self-deprecation turns me off.
-My homegirl (Rhode Island what?) Diana wore a mathematical knit.
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I don't care how she performed on the show. I'm nuts about her.
-Zulema has a name for her bad moods. Chetangi? Shetangy? She is tangy? What?
-Daniel Franco, that bizarre little trooper, hearts Heidi Klum!
-Even though Raymundo called him a flamer, in less harsh words and more eye rolls.
-Andrae continues to be adorable. There's no other words.
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I would wear what he was wearing. Is that wrong?
-Guadalupe got mad drunk.
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Bravo even put two pictures of it on the website. (edit: um, I'm just going to go ahead and assume Kirsten's is juice) I wish I could quote her, but nobody knew what the hell she was saying. I felt bad. The one chance to defend her madness, and she's to boozed to string sentences together.

Perhaps more about Project Jay when I get back on Monday- need to go pack, lovelies.


Valsauce said...

If I remember correctly, it was filmed June - July. So she got preggers right after the show?

Anonymous said...

Hey, the vast majority of Southerners can pronounce Raymundo.